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On 19th February 2024, CSN launched the Change Charter, a plan for a South Africa that works – led by a team who can execute that plan.

Sign up to choose Change in this election.

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We know that South Africans are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis (energy, food, goods & services, water – almost everything!)

Our country is in the grips of a massive unemployment crisis and endemic corruption pervades the public sector. This impacts service delivery for all South Africans.

Our investment climate is dire straits. Owning or operating a business – big or small – is becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to do.  

We need a strategic compact between the public and private sector so that we can create millions of jobs. We need running, clean water. We need lights to turn on when we need them. We need to feel safe and secure in our homes and in our neighbourhoods. We need pot-hole free roads and reliable waste collection. It's that simple.  

We also need working healthcare, a corruption-free government and a flourishing, independent civil society.

The current government is actively seeking to legislate the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI), the General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (GILAB) and the Public Procurement Bill (PBB) – taken together, the net effect will be dramatic and negative for all South Africans. These proposals should be kicked to the curb, permanently.

South Africa needs you to choose Change and be the voice of reason.